Hunny Bunny


Funky tall bunnies available with attire for any season, scarves for winter, shorts and dresses for summer.

“Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.”


Raeesah 03 (cream)Raeesah 03 (cream)Raeesah 10 (beige)Raeesah 10 (beige)Raeesah 17 (blue)Raeesah 17 (blue)Raeesah 22 (light yellow)Raeesah 22 (light yellow)Raeesah 31 (light pink)Raeesah 31 (light pink)Raeesah 35 (lilac)Raeesah 35 (lilac)Raeesah 36 (mint)Raeesah 36 (mint)Raeesah 47 (grey)Raeesah 47 (grey)Raeesah 49 (peach)Raeesah 49 (peach)

NOTE: Please advise us of any specific colour preferences under “Order Notes” during the Checkout Process. If you are unsure of the colour you would like to choose, please select “Not Specified”.


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