Floppy Bunny


I am soft, cuddly and very cute and will make a great friend to you.

(+- 40cm Tall when seated)


Lollipop 07 (Mint Green)Lollipop 07 (Mint Green)Lollipop 11 (Light Yellow)Lollipop 11 (Light Yellow)Lollipop 16 (White)Lollipop 16 (White)Lollipop 21 (Cream)Lollipop 21 (Cream)Lollipop 22 (Dark Grey)Lollipop 22 (Dark Grey)Lollipop 23 (Light Grey)Lollipop 23 (Light Grey)Lollipop 24 (Aqua)Lollipop 24 (Aqua)Lollipop 26 (Light Blue)Lollipop 26 (Light Blue)Lollipop 32 (Peach)Lollipop 32 (Peach)Lollipop 33 (Lilac)Lollipop 33 (Lilac)Lollipop 40 (Pale Pink)Lollipop 40 (Pale Pink)

NOTE: Please advise us of any specific colour preferences under “Order Notes” during the Checkout Process. If you are unsure of the colour you would like to choose, please select “Not Specified”.


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