Crochet Basket Set - Medium


Crochet Basket set large contains three baskets of which are 20 cm, 15cm, and 10cm.

Can be used for storage. To put by your front door to put your keys in, in your room with your perfume, in your bathroom with all your toiletries or you can simply put a plant in it.


Papatya 104 (Dark Grey)Papatya 104 (Dark Grey)Papatya 106 (Light Grey)Papatya 106 (Light Grey)Papatya Ribbon 101 (Black)Papatya Ribbon 101 (Black)Papatya Ribbon 103 (Anthracite)Papatya Ribbon 103 (Anthracite)Papatya Ribbon 303 (Fawn)Papatya Ribbon 303 (Fawn)Papatya Ribbon 304 (Beige)Papatya Ribbon 304 (Beige)Papatya Ribbon 305 (Cream)Papatya Ribbon 305 (Cream)Papatya Ribbon 306 (White)Papatya Ribbon 306 (White)

NOTE: Please advise us of any specific colour preferences under “Order Notes” during the Checkout Process. If you are unsure of the colour you would like to choose, please select “Not Specified”.


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